IRCAM is an internationally recognized research center dedicated to creating new technologies for music. The institute offers a unique experimental environment where composers strive to enlarge their musical experience through the concepts expressed in new technologies.

In 2009, IRCAM instigated a artistic research residency open to professionals in the fields of computer music and sound.

The results of artistic research projects are disseminated via publications by the Research/Creation Interfaces department and the Research and Creation Seminar. These are the fruit of interactions between new musical ideas and the scientific teams' domains of investigation.

Artists in Residency

January - December, 2016

OpenEndedGroup (Marc Downie & Paul Kaiser) [website]: Score-following and AI Agency: a new approach to intermedia duets.
In collaboration with Mutant Team.

James Bean [website]: Denm (notation environnementale dynamique pour la musique)
In collaboration with Musical Representations Team.

Florian Hecker [website]: Exploration of compositional use of sound synthesis from the statistical descriptors that are in the current view of sound texture perception and texture synthesis.
In collaboration with Analysis/Synthesis Team.

Tae Hong Park [website]: Interactive Soundscape Environnement
In collaboration with Perception and Sound Design Team.

Tomas Bordalejo [website]: research-creation residency on a SmartInstruments guitar.
In collaboration with Instrumental Acoustics Team.

Past Projects

see the projects

Artistic research at IRCAM is managed by the Research/Creation Interfaces department.
Greg Beller, Manager | contact
Paola Palumbo, Coordinator | +33 (0)1 44 78 14 87 contact


Journal articles

    Refereed journals

    Non-refereed journals

    Book sections

    Conference proceedings articles

    Training course reports

    • G. Beller « La musicalité de la voix parlée », Paris 8 [maitrise de musique], 2005
    • G. Beller « Etude et modèle génératif de l'expressivité dans la parole », Paris 6, IRCAM [MASTER-2 SAR-ATIAM], 2005


    Edited books / Monographs

    • G. Assayag, A. Gerzso « New Computational Paradigms for Computer Music », ed. Gérard Assayag et Andrew Gerzso (Ircam/Delatour), 2009

    Journal special issues

    • A. Cont « Musical Research at IRCAM », Contemporary Music Review, vol. 32, n° 1, Avril, 2013
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