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Public: composers, musicians, sound designers, technicians, sound engineers, theater professionals, teachers.

IRCAM offers a range of training modules tailored from beginner to expert levels, providing participants with the opportunity to discover the music software developed by IRCAM and perfect their skills. The IRCAM Forum distributes these software programs.These courses are divided into three domains: real-time interaction (Max, Antescofo, Max for Live, Jitter), sound processing (AudioSculpt, Modalys), and computer-assisted composition (OpenMusic). Specialized instructors and IRCAM researchers teach all courses.

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Certification Max

IRCAM offers two distinct Max certifications. Taken at the end of the Max classes (initiation and perfection), these certifications enable students to evaluate their skill level via the conception, implementation, and use of applications created with the software

New Training Programs

  • Sound Design (March, 21-24, 2017)
    From Sketch to Sound Product: Case Study of an Electric Car
    This course lets participants to create the sound of an object, in this case an electric car, using video supports.
  • Musical Education (January 30-February 3, 2017)
    Include Electronics in Your Teaching
    This course is intended for conservatory professors (instrument, singing, chamber music) who wish to put in place mixed music works or improvisations with electronics.

Course Fees
2-Day Course: 500€
3-Day Course: 750€
4-Day Course: 1,000€
5-Day Course: 1,250€
6-Day Course: 1,500€

Professional Training through the French Training Schemes
Employees, jobseekers, intermittent workers, artists, or independent workers are all able to take advantage of different programs for continuing education that cover tuition fees.

If you wish to pay for your training yourself, you can sign up online at the bottom of the detailed information about each course.
Registration is confirmed upon payment. There is a 10-day cancellation period following the purchase of a training program. If you wish to cancel after this 10-day period, a charge of 30% of the fee will be retained. 100% of the fee will be retained in the case of cancellations made in the 15 days before or after the start date of a training program.

Special Prices for IRCAM Forum Members
Forum members with a Premium membership (240€/year) are eligible for special prices depending on the number of courses selected during one season. For the 1st course selected members pay 60% of the full fee, 50% of the full fee for the 2nd course, 40% of the full fee for the 3rd and all additional courses.
For the 1st course selected members pay 60% of the full fee, 50% of the full fee for the 2nd course, 40% of the full fee for the 3rd and all additional courses.

Others Reductions
If your employer or a specific organization pays for your training, 10% will be taken off the price of each training program followed by each student after 100 hours of classes.

Cancellation of a Course by IRCAM
If it is necessary for IRCAM to cancel a training program (notably in the case of an insufficient number of participants), all fees will be fully refunded.
If the course is paid for by a specific organization, the organization will be notified of the cancellation.
IRCAM will not reimburse any additional costs (transportation, housing, etc.).

Hours and Instructors 
Classes are held at IRCAM Monday through Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 2:30 to 5:30pm. They are taught by instructors specialized in software for musical creation developed at IRCAM: Eric Daubresse, Marco Liuni, Jean Lochard, Grégoire Lorieux, Mikhail Malt, Yann Philippe (video and computer director), IRCAM researchers (Patrick Susini and Nicolas Misdariis/Sound Perception and Design team) as well as guest speakers. 

Information and Registration
01 44 78 48 23

In partnership with Keyboards Recording

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