Instrumental Acoustics
The Instrumental Acoustics Team studies the behavior of musical instruments and creates models using physics that take the demands of production (e.g. mechanisms for vibration and resonance) and sound into account. The findings of this research can be applied to sound synthesis by physical modeling (development of the Modalys program) and to instrument-making design.
Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces
The Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team (formerly Room Acoustics) studies the effect of propagation of sound in a listening space. Using the Spatialisateur, much of its activity is focused on acoustic simulation, combining the localization of acoustic sources, room effect and the adaptation to various reproduction systems through specific coding procedures.
Perception and Sound Design
The team's work centers around the study and analysis of sound phenomena perception in order to establish knowledge on perceptive mechanisms associated with the description and the significance of sounds, including the identification of sound sources and the perception of sound sequences.
Sound Analysis-Synthesis
The Sound Analysis and Synthesis Team studies the procedures of analysis, synthesis, and transformation of sounds using signal processing methods or from the acoustic modeling of sound sources.
Musical Representations
The Musical Representations Team investigates the computer formalization of musical structures. Its work is focused on the development of the OpenMusic environment that enables the computation of musical structures using graphical programming languages.
Analysis of musical practices
The Analysis of Musical Practices Team grounds its activity in the human sciences (musicology, cognitive ergonomics, psychology) and focuses its research on musical practices (reception, composition, performance).
Sound Music Movement Interaction
The Sound Music Movement Interaction Team develops new paradigms and technology that enable real-time interaction between performers - musicians, dancers, or actors - and computer-music systems. These systems implement the research on analysis and recognition of sonic and gestural forms as well as interactive sound processing.

The Research teams is a part of the Science and Technologies of Music and Sound Laboratory (Unité Mixte de Recherche UMR9912).


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