Season 16.17

Season 16.17

40 years of constant invention under the Stravinsky fountain in Paris. For it's anniversary season, IRCAM has set sail with works and premieres on tour nationally and abroad, from Peter Eötvös' Sirènes to new adventures on stage...Season 16.17

Passage to the 21st Century

For its 40th anniversary, IRCAM projects and traces a "passage to the 21st century". While one époque is the dream that which preceded it, while Pierre Boulez chose Bauhaus as the model to found IRCAM in the 20th century, it is time to imagine the vitality of a center of innovation consists largely of recreating its own perimeter. Our passage to the 21st century relies on the conditions surrounding dialogues and work among science, engineering, and art; this is the foundation of the launch of the new Forum Vertigo where music, architecture, and design join forces creating a new, inhabitable archipelago. This forum brings together the Centre Pompidou and major actors of feelings and intelligence, of desire and amazement: artists, engineers, scientists who influence and infringe on the present. In a world turned upside down by technology and its use, in our forward-looking society, the Forum exposes and shares new objects and artistic fictions, emerging logics of conception and production that transform studios, laboratories, society. It is a platform for work that escapes the tyranny of specializations and a critical observatory of the use of the technical world. Foreshortening between several cultures that generally know nothing of each other, a "vertigo" effect (zooming a lens while the camera moves away from the subject) zooming in on our own world, this Forum also oversees the effect of an autonomous work, capable of going beyond the technical intrigue in which it originated.À l’isolement du créateur, isolated from the creator—an empathetic and almost religious phrase, practically untranslatable—our Forum intends to replace the alliance of the inventors and the common necessity of experimentation. The ideology of irresistible progress is never a substitute for a factory of artistic prototypes, completely significant in science. In these conditions, the artist’s studio becomes a laboratory, a venue where knowledge is fashioned, and complementary practices are mutually tested.The signatures of the season are a testimony to this, as are the contributions found in the Étincelle. A return to the Institute's roots, its first decade, and a dive into the diversity and the expansion of the territories influenced by IRCAM today. Always changing, faithful in doing so to the original idea.

Frank Madlener

Illustration: Belleville 2016 - Horizon n°64, 2015. Images excerpts from an infinite film (generative work). Dancing compressions of video data © Jacques Perconte

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