ManiFeste-2016 (June 2 - July 2)

ManiFeste-2016 (June 2 - July 2)

Music, dance, theater

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Transformation of the Singing Voice

Exhibition: "La voix"

A few years ago, IRCAM created the voice of the castrate for the film Farinelli in our labs. Today, the researchers are developing new methods, new tools. In the framework of the expo La Voix at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.
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MO : Modular Musical Objects

Modular Interfaces for Digital Music

The MO interfaces are developed in the framework of the Interlude research project, exploring novel gestural interfaces for musical expression. The interfaces can be assembled to form an ensemble of connected wireless objects/musical interfaces. A central concept is to let users determine the final musical function of the objects, favoring customization, assembling, repurposing. Thus, musical interfaces are thoughts as "object in process": users could modify and define/program the function of the objects. This might imply assembling the wireless interfaces with existing everyday objects or existing musical instruments.
ManiFeste-2016 (June 2 - July 2)ManiFeste-2016 (June 2 - July 2)
ManiFeste-2016 (June 2 - July 2)
Transformation of the Singing VoiceTransformation of the Singing Voice
Transformation of the Singing Voice
MO : Modular Musical ObjectsMO : Modular Musical Objects
MO : Modular Musical Objects
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