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Researcher/developer position (W/M) – ORPHEUS PROJECT

Researcher/developer position (W/M) at Ircam

Fixed-term contract of 12 months from October 1st, 2016

Introduction to IRCAM

IRCAM is a non-profit organization that is associated to the Centre Pompidou (Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou). Its missions comprise research, production, and education related to contemporary music and its relation to science and technology. The R&D department of IRCAM, CNRS and Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) are also associated in the framework of the STMS Joint Research lab (Sciences et technologies de la musique et du son). Its specialized teams are conducting research and development in the areas of acoustics, sound signal processing, interaction, computer music and musicology. IRCAM is located in the centre of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris. 

Introduction to the Orpheus Project

The H2020 European program ORPHEUS aims at developing, experimenting and assessing an end-to-end object-based media chain for audio-content and radio broadcast. Object-based media is an innovative approach for creating and deploying interactive, personalised, scalable and immersive content, by representing it as a set of individual assets together with metadata describing their content (e.g. number and format of individual audio sources or tracks, language, loudness…) and how they should be rendered (e.g. position or moving path). In contrast with conventional channel based formats (stereo, 5.1, 22.2…), object-based formats can be delivered to any kind of rendering device including binaural over headphones or advanced multi-channel and immersive audio systems. This new end-to-end media chain requires innovative tools for capturing, mixing, monitoring, storing, archiving, playing out, distributing and rendering object-based audio. In the framework of the ORPHEUS project, the production and exchange of content will follow the Audio Definition Model (ADM) published by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

Role of Ircam in the project

Within the ORPHEUS project, IRCAM will focus on the implications of object-based formats such as ADM for the control of reverberation effects that are crucial for monitoring spatial parameters such as the distance and apparent width of the sound sources, the envelopment, etc. The aim is to investigate the benefits and possible limitations of the ADM format for the production and rendering of reverberation effects. 

Position description

For this project, IRCAM is looking for a researcher/developer with expertise in the domain of 3D audio. The selected candidate will design, implement and assess different scenarios illustrating the production, delivering and rendering of various audio contents making use of reverberation effects and encoded through the ADM format. Several approaches will be compared, either based on parametric reverberation (FDN) or convolution based reverberation using directional room impulse responses (DRIR) measured for instance with spherical microphone arrays (SMA).

Required experiences and skills

  • High Skill in audio signal processing.
  • The candidate should preferably hold a PhD in this field or prove strong development background in this domain.
  • High-skill in sound engineering and sound spatialization.
  • High-skill in C/C++ programming.
  • Good skills in Matlab programming.
  • Knowledge of Android and/or iOS environment.


According to background and experience.

To Apply

Please send an application letter with the reference 201607ORPHEUS together with your resume and any suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to: warusfel_at_ircam_dot_fr  before September 16, 2016. 

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