La collection Musique/Sciences contribue à la mise en perspective des rapports entre deux types de pensée qui ont entretenu des liens étroits depuis l'Antiquité : la pensée musicale et la pensée scientifique. Les questionnements suscités par les mathématiques et l'informatique demeurent plus que jamais la pierre angulaire d'une réflexion menée au travers de cette collection pluridisciplinaire, dirigée par Jean-Michel Bardez (SFAM) et Moreno Andreatta (Ircam/CNRS).

Cette collection propose des ouvrages aussi bien en français et en anglais qu'en édition bilingue ou en plusieurs langues.

Éditions Ircam-Centre Pompidou / Delatour France

Around Set Theory

Around Set Theory

A french/American Musicological Meeting, IRCAM October 15-16, 2003

Moreno Andreatta, Jean-Michel Bardez, John Rahn Editors

In the contemporary panorama of analytical disciplines, Set Theory is with no doubt the best illustration of the deep differences between North-American and European musicological traditions. Despite an abundance of publications on Set Theory, French musicology and, more generally, European musicology, have retained a certain scepticism regarding this approach, whose basic principles, however, are often poorly understood. Yet, if we trace back the history of mathematical tools used in 20th century musical analysis and theory, European research has given many examples of theoretical constructions very close to the ones developed in the United States. One of the objectives of this Conference was to approach American Set Theory from a larger perspective, incorporating the works on formalizing musical structures proposed by several composers and theorists of the last century (from Costère to Xenakis) as well as recent applications of some mathematical tools within analysis and computer-assisted composition.

The Conference "Around Set Theory" which brought together at IRCAM a number of authorities on this subject, was really a remarkable occasion bringing to mind the history of Set Theory as well as an opportunity to open a debate on the current situation of an analytical method whose compositional applications and mathematical ramifications are far from exhausted. Music theorists, musicologists, analysts, composers and mathematicians, sometimes coming from quite different cultural and geographic backgrounds, entered into a dialog during this meeting, which also enabled putting into question the range, the stakes, and the limits of the idea of a computational musicology, of which American Set Theory
represents one of the most striking examples of the 20th century.

  • Texts by Jean-Michel Bardez, Célestin Deliège, Joseph Dubiel, Jason Eckardt, Allen Forte, Xavier Hascher, Andrew Mead, Robert Morris, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Paul Nauert, John Rahn, André Riotte and Luigi Verdi.
  • Collection directed by Jean-Michel Bardez (SFAM) and Moreno Andreatta (IRCAM/CNRS)
  • © 2008 by Editions Delatour France / IRCAM-Centre Pompidou

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