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Musical production, an essential part of IRCAM’s activity takes place in close conjunction with the research and education departments and is organized by two services within the institute: The Artistic Direction and the Production Department.

It is this dual team that envisages and details the artistic projects, from their conception through to production, from creation to performance: such work provides an essential window for IRCAM's activity to be shown at a large number of public events, in Paris as well as nationally and internationally.

The Artistic Direction

A projects first impulse comes from The Artistic Direction. This service initiates and expands on artist's projects (composers but also performers and ensembles) often inciting new ones. They also establish a network of partners for each project and decide on the framework in which they will be presented  (music season, festival or other event, tour...). As well as artistic support, this service also carries out important coordination work in order to introduce other departments and external partners to these projects.

The Production Service

This service is responsible for managing and planning the production of these projects: as such it is founded on solid experience in organization and an in depth knowledge of the field. The service brings together highly specialized and diverse competences: as well as administration services, it also incorporates music assistants, sound engineers and technicians.

Performing Arts Technology Research Team

For a number of years, musical creation has benefited from advances in science and technology. The same can't be said however, for other performing art forms, whose methods and techniques have remained more traditional. This transversal project recently instigated by IRCAM aims to carry out original research into the creation of performances combining music with other artistic disciplines: dance, theatre, circus, cinema etc.

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