Jardin d'Éden

Sound and Visual Installation by Hyun-Hwa Cho and Raphaël Thibault


Jardin d'Éden features a double video projection, 3D-printed sculptures, and a sound and musical panorama. The video facet is comprised of concrete images created using composite and 3D computer graphics in addition to an auto-generating section—with a more abstract essence—for the work's climax. The title references the garden of Eden in the bible, and therefore its suggestion of nature as perfect and welcoming. The cellular automat of the same name— Jardin d’Éden—describes a repetitive mathematical process used as inspiration for the musical composition, and reminiscint of the concept of the canon. 

Soustraction booléenne dans le ciel d’Écosse © Raphaël Thibault

Hyun-Hwa Cho Music, aide à l'écriture d'une œuvre musicale nouvelle originale du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Raphaël Thibault Artist
Serge Lemouton IRCAM Computer Music Design
Anne-Cécile Cuniot, Emmanuelle Ophèle, Jérôme Van Wynsberge Flutes

An IRCAM/Mnam/Cci-Centre Pompidou coproduction.

Imprimer le monde (Print the World)

IRCAM is taking part in the exhibit Imprimer le monde via two acoustic installations in Galerie 3 at the Centre Pompidou. Will music become the art of excellence for spaces? Interpreting a space with music, perceiving sound using new techniques for spatialization, entering augmented reality, these are the issuses surrounding the installations by Olga Neuwirth, Hyun-Hwa Cho, and Raphaël Thibault.

March 15-June 19, 2017, Centre Pompidou, Galerie 4

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