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2016 Application Call: Preliminary selection: from February 8 to March 20, 2016, on Ulysses Platform.
Information: 01 44 78 48 23 | info-pedagogie(at)

Distinct from a doctorate in musicology, it is aimed at high-level composers, holders of a Master's degree (or of an equivalent diploma accompanied with significant experience in composition), proposing in particular projects integrating a technological dimension into the work of composition and wanting to pursue a training program both as composers and researchers. The diploma attests to the competence both as composer (attested by the works produced at the end of studies) and as a researcher via the presentation of a thesis.

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This doctorate is open to candidates wanting to pursue research in one or more of the following areas:

Musical material, form and meaning: musical categories and parameter, computer aided composition, music/sound/noise, semiotics, themes and expressivity.

Instruments and performers: playing techniques, gesture, performer/composer collaborations, acoustical analysis, augmented instruments, electronic instrument building.

Voice, text, speech: music/text relations, linguistic and phonological/phonetic approaches, semantics and expressivity, speech synthesis and processing, plurality of languages.

Orchestration, instrumentation: treatises and rules (from craftsmanship to formalization), timbre and instrumentation, computer aided orchestration.

Interactivity: sound installations, mixed music (works for instruments and electronics), improvisation, multimedia.

Sound, space and stage: dramaturgy, scenography, opera, theater, architecture, sound spatialisation.

Methodology and cross-disciplinary aspects: analysis and theory, creative collaboration, documentation of workflows, quantitative and qualitative approaches, perception and cognition, aesthetics and philosophy of art.

Please note that the call organized by IRCAM constitutes a preliminary selection without guaranteed funding.


PhD Student

Daniele Ghisi (2014-2017): Interactive Interfaces in Real-Time for Computer-Assisted Composition. Doctoral Advisors: Carlos Agon (UPMC - IRCAM) and Pierre Couprie (Université Paris-Sorbonne - IReMus)
[Website] [bio] [photo] [Abstract]

Julia Blondeau (2014-2017): Compositional Spaces and Multiple Times: The Form/Material Relationship. Doctoral Advisors:  Jean-Louis Giavitto (CNRS - IRCAM) and Dominique Pradelle (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
[Website] [bio] [photo] [Abstract]

Karim Haddad (2015-2018): Methodical Study of the Constitutive Dimensions of Writing for Rhythm and their Perception. Doctoral Advisors: Carlos Agon (UPMC - IRCAM) and Jean-Marc Chouvel (Université de Reims Champagne Ardenne - IReMus).
[Website] [bio] [photo] [Abstract]

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